Things To Know Before Getting An Eyebrow Extension

Eyebrow extensions have taken the fashion industry by a swirl and revolutionized it with its incredible result. However, there must be a lot of questions in your mind that you need an answer to. So before getting yourself eyebrow extensions, educate yourself with some FAQs that will provide maximum benefit from the treatment. 

What Is Eyebrow Extension?

Eyebrow extensions are made using tiny mink fibers or synthetic hair. By using a surgical adhesive, each strand is attached to existing brow hair and the skin around the brows if you have no brow. There are Eyebrow extension kits available for the process, all of which work in somewhat the same way. The treatment begins by cleansing and exfoliating the brow and the surrounding area to make the surface even and smooth. To outline, a brow pencil is used to draft the shape of the brow. 

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Eyebrow Extensions?

The price of Eyebrow extensions can vary from type of professional service and the type of work done on the brow. In case of just a little touch of filling on the brow, the price can run as low as 50$, but if you want to achieve a dramatic look, it can cost you up to 250$ or more, depending on the type of hair used, thickness and shape of the eyebrow extension.  

How Long Do Eyebrow Extensions Last?

Eyebrow extensions are usually up to two weeks long; at the end of the period, you have to get the brow fill-in again. Eyebrow extensions need to be re-touched every two weeks. Remember that two weeks are just an estimate and it doesn’t mean that you will not experience any shedding during that time frame, mainly when the fiber is applied to the skin directly. This happens because your beautician has used a gentle adhesive glue that dissolves quickly to avoid any damage to the skin. Nevertheless, expect your extensions to fall off with your hair's shedding period if they are attached to your natural brow.

 A quick tip:  If you frequently touch your face or rub your eyes, the shedding process can escalate, and they may fall faster than usual. 

Is Eyebrow Extension Worth Considering? 

Eyebrow extension contour the natural shape of your brow into your desired shape. The starting point of getting the desired shape is your natural eyebrow. With the help of the extensions, you can achieve any curve — a long tail or a higher arch, etc. These extensions can also fill the empty spot in your brow. Due to this reason, eyebrow extensions are a convenient and safe option for those with over-tweezed eyebrow, less brow due to chemotherapy, radiation, or Trichotillomania.

How Is The Eyebrow Extension Applied?

The process is done professionally by a licensed aesthetician brow expert. The process usually takes 30-40 minutes. Depending on the profile of your face, the expert will decide the right brow shape for you. 

First, he/she is going to clean and prep the brow for the process. Next, he is going to construct the shape of the brow using stencils. If the outline looks cartoonish, don't be worried, as it's just a reference. The technician knows how to position the eyebrows to make it look natural. The final step is to affix the extensions, with the help of the adhesive glue and tweezers, the synthetic mink hair is attached to the skin or the brow to build natural thicker and more detailed brows appearance.

Remember that the finished look won't look symmetrical because natural brows are not perfectly symmetrical either, and a bit of asymmetry will help make them more natural. 

What Is The After-Care Of The Treatment?

You should not use water 24 hours after the treatment, but after this period, you can wash your face. The only real drawback is to stay away from any oil-based product, and this is because oil can break down the glue and because of excessive hair fall. Avoid excessive rubbing the brow when cleaning or washing your hair and avoid exfoliating until the results ware off. Sleep on your back and also avoid resting your face on the pillow. 


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